resolve dispute management

How we do it

Location & access

Our service is offered throughout Tasmania by appointment. Depending upon the number of parties participating, we can arrange an appropriate venue, or come to an agreed venue.


Depending on the nature of the mediation, we are happy to negotiate our fee, which includes the cost of room hire.

The parties to mediation usually share the cost of mediation equally. In some circumstances, one party may agree to pay the full cost.

Booking your mediation

To make an appointment, follow this simple 3 step process:

  1. complete and submit the online enquiry form or telephone us on the numbers provided;
  2. we will send you a mediation kit, containing more information about the process and telling you what you need to do next. The kit includes a Mediation Agreement which all parties to the mediation must sign before the mediation commences; and
  3. once we receive the Mediation Agreement signed by all parties, we will book the mediation rooms and confirm the arrangements with all parties.