resolve dispute management


Workplace Conflict

Managers have a range of tools at their disposal for resolving conflict between staff. The approach favoured by managers unskilled in managing conflict tends to be directive and self-focused: get on with your work and stop wasting everyone's time. These 'dinosaur' managers see it as a personal failure when they have to seek external assistance in managing a dispute.

Skilled, experienced managers and Human Resources professionals understand that conflict is an inevitable part of human relationships, and that ignoring it or punishing those involved only serves to make things worse.  Their preference tends towards listening, counselling and seeking expert external assistance.  They recognise that being seen to take the initiative and help staff-members in conflict to get their needs met sets a powerful example, builds trust, confidence and loyalty

The resolve workplace conflict management toolkit readily integrates into your organisation's conflict- and grievance-management policies and procedures.  We offer an obligation-free preliminary consultation and report to help you to decide on the solution that meets your needs.


Some of the options we will explore with you are:

  • Providing advice on managing the conflict and meeting your legal obligations during that process;
  • Coaching you as required to manage the situation to its desired outcome;
  • Providing one-on-one Conflict Management Coaching to one or both parties to the dispute;
  • Mediation or other facilitated meeting;
  • Mediator-supported performance management;
  • Training for one or both parties or the workgroup.