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Expert conflict management in Tasmania

Our conflict-management services in Tasmania include advice, training, coaching, mediation and facilitation.

Conflict is an inevitable element of human interactions. It can be minimized, nipped in the bud and resolved; but it can't be eliminated. Workplace conflict not addressed properly can escalate quickly. It is always toxic because parties are forced to be together every day. Conflict reduces productivity, increases the incidence of sick leave and resignations, and inevitably creates a ripple effect that depletes morale, demotivates staff, and affects the entire organization. 

Other staff who know there is conflict watch closely to see how the organization manages it, knowing they could be in the same position one day. What's important is to act quickly when conflict is happening and take steps to address it. Our services can help you be prepared to deal with any conflict situation. We offer:


The conflict-management tools available to managers and HR departments are often more stick than carrot, and therefore not always effective. In consultation with your HR team and managers, we analyse the nature and origins of conflict and provide a written report with recommendations for appropriate forms of action that go to the root of the problem and deal with it in a positive, constructive way that supports all parties and heals wounds. You can choose to implement the entire program or selected parts of it, through resolve dispute management or other training and conflict-management practitioners that you know and trust.

The interventions we might recommend include:
  • Individual coaching for inexperienced managers
  • Conflict management coaching for one or both parties to a dispute
  • Mediation or other form of facilitated meeting
  • Review of formal procedures relating to conflict and grievance-handling
  • Management or team restructure
  • Group training or team-building style workshop
  • Mediator-supported performance management
  • Formal discipline in combination with other appropriate support and intervention.


Our training staff have been designing and delivering customized workplace training in Tasmania since 2007. We offer broad-based and targeted skills-development programs that cater to numbers of between one and a hundred, of duration between two hours and four days. We deliver training on or off site, during all shift hours, recognizing the needs of the organization.

Management-skills coaching

We offer a unique form of one-on-one coaching that incorporates elements of life coaching, modern management practice, and conflict-management coaching. This intervention is particularly suited to newly-appointed managers and supervisors who may not have developed the sophisticated people-management skills needed to get the best out of their team.

Conflict-management coaching

Conflict-management coaching is a relatively new form of intervention ideally suited to workplace conflict. It is a short-term intervention usually requiring no more than four sessions with each party. The participants develop an understanding of how conflict occurs, the nature and origins of their and others' "triggers", and how their own habitual conflict behaviour contributes to the problem. They learn to break a conflict down into its constituent elements, and consciously create new, rational, constructive paths to heal wounds and resolve future disagreements before they escalate. 

Conflict-management coaching addresses life-long habits of reactivity in the face of conflict, and is often life-changing. For that reason we sometimes recommend the intervention be delivered in tandem with appropriate counselling or other professional support.


Mediation is just one of many tools we use to deal with workplace conflict. Unlike many workplace conflict practitioners, we do not recommend mediation as the primary remedy for all disputes; but we recognise that mediation can be a useful tool in healing damaged working relationships. 

Our staff of accredited mediators combine a talent for empathy with the mental toughness needed to manage people in conflict. We carefully document agreements reached at mediation and make the document available to a trusted manager or other workplace representative.


Having an independent third party skilled in managing complex group dynamics eases tensions and ensures that everyone gets a say.

Our mediators are experienced in facilitating board meetings, small- and large-group workshops, community consultation schemes and workplace brainstorming sessions.
Dispute management session in progress

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